Detailed site is director of tail keywords Trilogy

two, you can use the long tail keywords screening

selection made statements, can be applied in their own station. User habits are generally look left look right, and the layout of Title habits should also be like this set, the left is important, so favorable to the user first saw the key information we want to express. Is the same as in the article page inside, important information directly on the title or the head of the most conspicuous place, that it is also one of the methods highlighted with bold labels.

, get the long tail keywords

and the corresponding target site keywords, keyword can bring flow is the long tail keywords. The general situation of long tail keywords are relatively long, some two to three words, or even how to layout the long tail keywords "the search volume is not stable, occasionally two IP sometimes do not have one, the biggest advantage is that the conversion often results in long tail keywords, so today we explain the next station how to layout the long tail keywords.

target keywords can give us the site brought a lot of traffic, but the obvious drawback is that the conversion rate is not high, but also fierce competition. In this case to consider the long tail keywords is a good choice, with three steps above said, simply put the bulk of long tail keywords to your own website layout, easy access to the long tail keywords high conversion rate, brought to the site sales, it Why not?

now the business competition is more and more big, want to improve their site conversion rate, increase the intensity of mining long tail keywords imperative. So we need to use the tools of Shanghai dragon Er gets a lot of long tail keywords, such as love station network mining long tail keywords, love Shanghai love Shanghai index, such as the drop-down box, but not each long tail keywords are suitable for their own, but also a screening. Why do you say, before the website when get an experience, as long as the website optimization ideas go right, and then suck the team can also perform to a certain extent. So to dig a lot of long tail keywords, then select, otherwise there is no lug lug.


three, the layout of their own long tail keywords


said in a long tail key words long tail keywords for your site by screening, is still love Shanghai love Shanghai index or statistics background, select the user what kind of search keywords in the word, and keep the high conversion potential, then make a report, keep a month according to the the statistical data of fine-tuning. The advantage of this is that the price, ask, service area these high conversion long tail keywords to stay, other common words are not used to account for the location.

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