The basic steps of the novice to do keyword optimization


1, home to the keywords and description information of the target site is ready, then do three labels (TITLE, keywords, description) work modification and optimization, can refer to the following sample site:

love Shanghai keyword optimization now for the website title label and describe the modification times and frequency of personal feeling more and more strict control, if a short time changes frequently, K station or drop right is the most basic, so for sex optimization of Shanghai friends to say, before a lot of work best at the early stage of love Shanghai this is not included to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the modification of love Shanghai included, talking about the process of the following steps:

3, making a site map uploaded to the site root directory, 404 page website, try to do network internal link, the title tag is best not to each page is the same, with completely independent associated with specific

5, the site included, began to do the chain, such as the exchange of the same industry Links, or their own hands had the resources to anchor text links to the individual to do the optimization of the site, also can.

< META content= Suzhou electric door, Suzhou gate, Suzhou gate, Suzhou Suzhou electric garage door, shutter door, electric door maintenance, maintenance of Suzhou Suzhou Suzhou gate gate maintenance, maintenance of name=keywords>

4, submitted to the search engines or to the famous forum or web site, so as to improve the collection efficiency, such as the A5 forum.


A5 first time to write text, it is the first time to write text, do not know what to write, I think the main reason is to help you in at the same time, I hope everyone can help the author also hope the exhibitions!

; Shunda Industry;

< TITLE> Suzhou electric door, Suzhou gate, Suzhou gate, Suzhou garage door, electric door maintenance for < /TITLE>


2, website images with ALT tags, the bottom of the site plus target keywords and add a hyperlink to a web site or keyword corresponding page, the best plus two navigation columns, as shown below:

page content is better!

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