Love Shanghai 2 strong incoming Scindapsus algorithm, how to deal with the Shanghai Dragon

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dear webmaster friends:

third, the appropriate punishment for bearing release the soft site, reduce its evaluation, in the search engine at the same time, for the love of Shanghai news source site to clean up the news source.


today (July 1, 2013), love Shanghai Webmaster Platform again announced: "love the sea green 2 update notice" algorithm. Love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm is mainly for the promotion of the soft chain of garbage. The following is love Shanghai announcement: 2 Scindapsus algorithm

so, we will have the 2 algorithm for a broader range of Scindapsus more stringent treatment.

is the love of Shanghai announced 2 Scindapsus algorithm.

second, increase penalties for the target site;


first, increase the filtering soft outside the chain of strength;


for some sites around the promotion of the soft release phenomenon, we have been through a variety of ways of treatment. On the one hand, filter clean up the garbage outside chain; on the other hand, the appropriate punishment for the target site. However, this phenomenon still exists. For example, the obvious soft Wen promotion are as follows, be too numerous to enumerate.


love Shanghai and update algorithm, as the Shanghai dragon is no way to go? Where is Shanghai dragon road of the chain? In fact for Scindapsus love Shanghai launched 2 new algorithms, the author Liu has some of his own views:


We hope that the problems of the 1, love >

site to conduct a comprehensive clean-up in the near future, and will promote the content out of love Shanghai news source, this will enable you to avoid the influence of algorithm.


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