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  • Venice Commission recommendation to be implemented from tomorrow – Muscat

    first_img SharePrint Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the government will be implementing a third of the recommendations in the report issued from the Venice Commission. The Prime Minister said this during a political activity in Marsascala.Muscat said that the Venice Commission has amongst others recommended that the President of Malta gets a two-thirds approval from the Maltese Parliament, and that even though this reform is still not officially in place, a President for Malta will be unanimously approved by the House in the coming days.Venice Commission calls for revision of constitutional rolesThe Prime Minister the touched on AirMalta and said that the government has taken a huge gamble in expanding the company when one considered the large competition that it faces in the aviation market, and said that the government aim is to see AirMalta as THE Mediterranean airline.Joseph Muscat also invited the leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia to appear in front of a magistrate for investigation on the allegations that are being made by the FIAU.He also said that checks and balances are done at the end of the calendar year and this year the government will register another surplus in the year ending balance even though the Opposition was quick to publicise the deficit registered in the first two months of the year.The Prime Minister also said that the best country in the world when it comes to equality and homophobia.Muscat is unreliable – PN Reacting to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s speech earlier today, the PN has said that numerous international and European reports including the European Commission had condemned the the lack of a plan for the Government and it’s reluctance to focus on certain sectors.They call the Prime Minister unreliable for not having a long-term plan or business for the Labour market, which posed many difficulties for the different sectors.WhatsApp <a href=’https://sp2.img.hsyaolu.com.cn/wp-shlf1314/2023/IMG8884.jpg” alt=”last_img” /> read more