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  • German Olympian calls for more drug testing on Jamaican track stars

    first_imgGerman discus thrower and Olympic champion Robert Harting German discus thrower Olympic champion Robert Harting has called for investigations into Jamaican and Kenyan athletes following the recent Russian doping revelations.As a result of the government-sanctoned violation of doping rules, the IAAF announced on Friday that Russia was temporarily suspended from all international athletic competitions. The announcement was made at the IAAF Council Meeting held by teleconference and chaired by IAAF’s new president Sebastian Coe.Harting argues that doping is more widespread than just Russia and pointed to Kenya and Jamaica as the main suspects for drug enhancement among athletes.last_img read more

  • HSI announce details of the Showjumping Mare Championship

    first_img 7 October 2015, 14:52 Home  »  Breeding News  »  HSI announce details of the Showjumping Mare Championship HSI announce details of the Showjumping Mare Championship Tags: Horse Sport Ireland have announced details of a €15,000 Showjumping Mare Championship. The aim of this Championship is to identify, evaluate and reward owners of mares that are capable of performing at the highest level in International showjumping and are suitable for producing progeny that would be competitive at the highest level in International showjumping.The inaugural HSI Mare Showjumping Championship will be held at Wexford Equestrian Centre on Saturday 31st October 2015. Mares of 5 and 6 years of age that are registered in a studbook that is a member of the WBFSH, or registered with Weatherbys, and have met specific performance criteria are eligible to compete. Eligibility is outlined in the information note below or can be verified by contact Laura Skelton in Horse Sport Ireland on [email protected] will be €15,000 on offer from HSI for the Championship final, including a €9,000 prize fund as well as generous breeders prizes. Full information on the Series can be viewed by downloading the information note HERE.Riders/owners should note that the Championship will operate on a pre-entry basis and entries must be made online through the Showjumping Ireland website. The show schedule and Championship flyer are available to download below. Please note all stabling enquires should be made with Wexford Equestrian, as outlined in the schedule.Wexford Equestrian Show Schedulelast_img read more

  • New documentary on the alt-right sheds light on the movement’s alleged roots

    first_img Related ABC News(NEW YORK) — You might think you know the full story of the so-called alt-right, known for their venomous racism and virulent anti-feminism. But a new documentary is shedding light on what it says is one of the most surprising roots of the movement: Sexual frustration.Author Angela Nagle spent more than a year exploring the online origins of the current alt-right movement, which she says included communities of single men looking for advice on “picking up” women. She said many of these so-called pick-up artists argued that feminism was part of what made attracting women so difficult.Nagle’s report can be found in the new Fusion documentary, Trumpland: Kill All Normies.“It definitely did start out with the picking up women stuff,” Nagle told ABC News’ Nightline.It’s a world that appears riddled with extensive and seemingly innocuous terminology, like “manosphere,” “men’s rights” and “incels.”“[Incels] are involuntarily celibate men. And so, the incel kind of forum world was very much about expressing your frustration about being celibate. That was really the place where the endless conversations about essentially, ‘Why am I still celibate,’ turned into civilizational and racial and kind of big questions about the idea that essentially the whole sexual liberation project was a mistake,” said Nagle.Extreme right wing movement gains momentum in Europe, echoes heard around the worldThe documentary traces a community of men who act on their frustrations, which began with their grievances against women but later expanded and found footing on social media.Twitter, as shown in the documentary, has been particularly useful to help these individuals organize and to speak up when they felt their voice wasn’t being heard.In the documentary, Nagle explained how the idea of “trolling” on Twitter and other social media channels turned out to be clever on the part of the community. “Internet trolls” are known for their social media posts on divisive issues. Nagle said this tactic may be one of the reasons that people didn’t see the alt-right movement forming.As Nagle says in Trumpland: Kill All Normies, “There was for years beforehand this idea of trolling and this idea that it’s all irony. It’s all playful. That was the most clever thing they did because it allowed them to actually kind of hide their politics.”This guise of irreverence online towards others who didn’t share their views allowed the burgeoning alt-right movement to push back at an increasingly vocal community that seemed to emphasize being politically correct.“I think what happened … with millennials essentially, who, you know, came of age online and became political online, [is that] they came into contact with these kind of ultra [politically correct] highly sensitive cultures online, which actually allowed them to be quite funny, you know, and to kind of poke fun at the earnestness of these kind of ultra-sensitive language policing online cultures,” Nagle explained to Nightline.In a way, the alt-right also gained momentum from its enemies on the left, Nagle said.“You also had a culture that was on the cultural left, which was about gender fluidity and kind of taking the cultural gains of the left to the next stage,” Nagle said in the documentary. “These kind of online environments, you could say, of the left were both kind of ultra-sensitive and incredibly cruel and inclined towards sort of quite mob like behavior [that] people needed [in order] to show that they were virtuous.”The alt-right also appeared to receive an enormous injection of energy after Trump’s election.“And when Donald Trump is nasty … [he] is a magnificent internet troll,” Tolito said in the documentary. “He is an expert at trafficking and outrage and committing outrage and being outraged himself.”And some members of the alt-right took their movement from online into real life in at Charlottesville, Virginia, last summer, when far-right extremists gathered for a “Unite the Right” event.“I think Charlottesville you know revealed the really hard right politics behind it that wasn’t ironic and that that wasn’t a joke,” Nagle said in the documentary.Nagle said the alt-right is “quite strategically clever” and knows that they can potentially drive a wedge into where there is already tension on the left.The solution, Nagle said, lies not on the ideological extremes, but instead with the rest of us, the so-called “normies,” and finding a way to co-exist.“For generations it has been the countercultures of the left that have assumed the posture of anti-establishment rebellion against the hectoring moralism of the conservative right,” Nagle said. “Today those roles have been reversed. It is now the left that is the gatekeeper of conventional morality the alt right the agent of subversion.”Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMaticolast_img read more